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Social Media for Authors | Author Promotion

I wrote my book and then was completely clueless about how to go about the rest of the work done to get it out to my audience. I came across Digital Book Labs and they are my saviors; they managed my deal with the producer and did my whole book marketing. I am so impressed with their work. They are thorough professionals and provide exceptional services.

Franklin Mason, Author of Climbing the Tree

At Digital Book Labs, we offer you Social Media Services on all the relevant platforms that make you proficient and comfortable on social media. We’ll make sure to land you all the engagements that will help you create the right kind of publicity for your book. This is will be a great way for you to interact with your fans.

Digital Book Labs media services include;

  • Author Social Media Launch Service

    • Guide you to the major audience pulling rules of engagement
    • Strategies to appeal and interact with the community to build your author brand and consciousness about your book
    • Recommend two stages for us to launch or enhance: Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or at the end of the service, the goal is to have you positively be able to lead your own social media activities
    • Provide widespread resource guides to lead you on your social media movement
    • The service is included of an initial consultation call followed by two, one-on-one tailor-made training sessions
  • Six-Week Instagram Jump Start Service

    • Principally for fiction writers
    • Detailed training on efficiently using Instagram
    • Collaborative sessions
    • Create and contrivance posts with your approval
    • Prepare you to efficaciously use Instagram on your own to enhance the responsiveness of your book

Are you not sure how to start your book promotion? And how to do it online? At least you are aware of the need to promote online. Writers are artists for sure but not all are aware of the value of social media now and how that can improve the chances of a book doing well with the targeted audiences. We are quite aware of the demands of social media and how it can be maneuvered in your favor to sell your work to the public through engagement and awareness.

Book Promotion on Social Media V/s Real Audience

When fans follow authors on the social media platform, they are quite aware of the fact that most of it is going to be about book promotions and related content. However, they can be put off by too much hard-selling of a book and may unsubscribe or unfollow. A balance is to be achieved that your followers stay interested and wait for your content to be uploaded. An excessive overdose of content can have negative repercussions. The best way is to have a decent amount of content put out which is rich and entertaining but also constructive for your promotion.

Social media is a great way to hold virtual book tours in places you cannot be physically present but have fans or potential buyers. Similarly, it is an easy way to reach out to your fans and hold contests, fun sessions, and meetups. Furthermore, you can develop a close relationship with your fans through social media. Social media allows a personal element to your author brand that could not be achieved previously through book tours where fans were never able to interact with their celebrity authors. You can answer fan questions in these live sessions as an event for them.

Author Social Media Launch Service from Digital Book Labs

Are you launching a book now? And need help with your media game? We are here to help you with all of it. We are a business that believes in training our employees to do better so we keep growing in number and expertise. We aim to bring your book to the attention of your fans and others, but also to build a long-lasting author brand that can be capitalized on for your next book. Branding is a prerequisite in running a successful online campaign for any product and service. Many of our existing customers have found that our program has been effective and our media team has been efficient.

We understand that you may not know the basics of social media handling. Don’t fret, we got you covered. You will be trained by our very professional team of social media technicians. We will include our training sessions in the package so that once you get a handle on things, you can work on your own. You will learn many techniques through trial and error, but we will help you become a pro at social media handling that you can manage on your own.

Six Week Instagram Jump Start Service

We conduct a six-week program that will teach you all the tactics of Instagram management, you will receive an Instagram 101 document with basic knowledge of handling interaction, stories, post content, and live sessions as well. We will prepare content for you, and share it for you to sell to your fans.

The first three weeks include unique posts, and we send you the graphics, photos of the book, media shares, and personal images. We interact with other accounts to build your profile. The remaining three weeks are about the posts and your interaction with the fans. The final week includes going over the final call questions, critiques, and advertisements for your consideration.

I would like to thank Digital Book Labs for all their efforts in my book promotion campaign. They trained me so well with patience and complete honesty that helped build confidence and the appropriate skills to get my work out there. I used to be so scared of online interaction but it is now much easier I enjoy it thoroughly. I have been interacting with my fans and my book has benefited from that enormously.

Ben Howard, Author of Charming Chickens

For more information and pricing, please contact [email protected] or call us at 415-891-1149 Also, if you’re interested in reading more testimonials about our author social media training, please visit our Social Media testimonials page.

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Our satisfied clients are the core reason for our success and reputation in the industry. We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. The success of our clients is our motivation. Hence, our experts use an innovative approach and put conscious efforts into transforming the client’s ideas into a reality. By combining creativity, strategy, and technology, we make people’s dreams of becoming authors come true. Here’s what some of our clients say about our work