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Our Client Reviews, for you to see for Yourself

A company telling you that it is experienced and got a different approach to work can not be believed. But when a client reviews that for a company, you better believe it. It is truly special when a customer is pleased with the work and is willing to write rave reviews for your website for others to view. It is found to be a grave mistake to lose out on a customer that has been disappointed with the work quality. Digital Book Labs is proud to have impressed the clientele and produced quality content that resulted in honest, outstanding reviews from the clients.

  • Digital Book Labs are rockstars! I recommend these guys to everyone, mostly to first-time writers. You will feel the love for your book, characters and see the passion with which they promote your book.

    First Time Author

  • I was so in love with my promotional campaign, got all the prime-time radio shows and magazine covers. They handled all of it and left me speechless with the management and strategy of the campaign.

    Business Testimonial

  • Our work was marketed so well, with the best reach to our right target audience. I wrote a children’s book and didn’t know who to promote it to, young children don’t know how to buy it, but Digital Book Labs took it upon themselves to do my job.

    Children’s Book Testimonial

  • I am glad that I chose Digital Book Labs for my cookbook marketing. It is a different type of book, and I was not sure how to market it to my audience, they did it so perfectly. Every ingredient they used added a beautiful taste to my whole campaign.

    Cookbook Testimonial

  • As a fresh author with no previous experience in the field, I was not sure how to go about my promotion. My book was my passion project and I wanted the very best for it, and I truly received the best treatment with them. Pleased!

    Fiction Testimonial

  • Working on a book was the easiest part of my book publishing journey, turned out that I know nothing about publishing a lifestyle book but thank the lord for Digital Book Labs, they handled everything for me.

    Lifestyle Testimonial

  • My book sales were much higher for this book in my series, and the only element that I altered was my marketing agency and it has done wonders for my book promotion and the final results of my book.

    Non-Fiction Testimonial

  • The most important thing about any collaboration is the relationship you develop with those people, and Digital Book Labs were a fabulous team to work with. What a talented lot of people.

    Public Relations Testimonial

  • Much of our young author lot comes with an expectation to be marketed by the Digital Book Labs, and since we have employed them as our partners, our sales have gone up significantly.

    Publisher Testimonial

  • Our book was a great success that we have to order more copies and we were supremely happy with the outcome; it has remained on the top list of charts. Bless you, Digital Book Labs.

    Spiritual and Religious Testimonials

  • I was super excited to work with Digital Book Labs, a friend had already worked with them before, and raved about them and the result of his book promotion. My experience was similar and am recommending it to all my author friends too.

    Self-Help and Health Testimonials

  • After much convincing and guidance from Digital Book Labs, I finally tried social media platforms to engage my fans and it turned out to be a fun and enriching experience. It was nice to talk to my fans.

    Social Media Testimonial

In the many testimonials that you read on our website and otherwise about us, you will hear the different approaches we take for each book that we promote; it is very different to promote a self-help book and a cookbook. The book has a completely different audience and platforms for engagement.

Customized, genre-specific Campaigns

Although fiction and cookbook may have different approaches, each cookbook cannot be marketed in the same way either. They have a different audience and it requires a specialized strategy to be able to make it a success. We ensure that each client receives our undivided attention and a fresh mind with innovative and enriching ideas.

Video Testimonials

Our satisfied clients are the core reason for our success and reputation in the industry. We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. The success of our clients is our motivation. Hence, our experts use an innovative approach and put conscious efforts into transforming the client’s ideas into a reality. By combining creativity, strategy, and technology, we make people’s dreams of becoming authors come true. Here’s what some of our clients say about our work